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Company History


Gibson began in 1877 as two separate companies.  Joshua Hall, a New England icebox maker, moved to Belding, Michigan, and founded the Belding-Hall Company.  He was attracted to the area because of the outstanding cabinet making skills of the Danish craftsmen who had settled there and because of the plentiful supply of ash and other hardwoods.

In that same year in nearby Greenville, Michigan, Frank Gibson and John Lewis also began manufacturing iceboxes, which they called “ice refrigerators.”  The two companies developed separately until 1908 when Frank Gibson bought the Belding-Hall Company.  The merger created the largest manufacturer in the industry at the time and a major supplier of cabinets for the first electric refrigerators.  Gibson has experienced numerous significant events over the years including the following:



1931:    The first two-zone, two temperature refrigerator, with Pres-Toe door opener and cycle type defrosting.  The first interior light that automatically shuts off when the door is closed.  Baked enamel food compartments.

1937:    The first revolving refrigerator shelf

1939:    Introduced the concealed oven vent, the second oven and push-button cooking for ranges.

1946:    The first upright freezer.

1949:    The Gibson International Division was established.

1950:    The first Touch-a-tap cold water feature.

1951:    The first Swing-out refrigerator crisper bin.

1953:    The first ozone lamp in room air conditioners that removed room odors.

1954:    Tel-O-Matic cooking introduced to simplify automatic cooking.

1955:    Introduced the freezerless Market Master refrigerator.

1956:    Gibson became part of Hupp Corporation.

1959:    Introduced Air Sweep method of air distribution into air conditioning.

1961:    Automatic defrost refrigerator introduced with one control, one fan and one evaporator.

1967:    Gibson became part of White Consolidated Industries when WCI purchased Hupp Corporation.  Built the 32-inch side-by-side Foodmaster practical for a majority of homes.

1986:    WCI purchased by AB Electrolux of Sweden.

1996:    All U.S. manufacturing facilities are ISO9000-certified.

1998:    Introduced Ice & Water Filtration System in side-by-side refrigerators.

2001:    Introduced 21st Century refrigerator line with energy-saving climate controlled defrost timer and toggle-lock cabinet construction.

2002:    Gibson earned commercial rating on all chest and upright frost-free freezers.

2004:    Introduced 60cm counter depth refrigerators with Easy Clean Real Stainless Steel

2005:    Introduced the new color Silver Mist, with the look of stainless steel, for refrigerators

2007:    Gibson celebrates its 130th anniversary

2009:     Gibson introduces an American-style front load washer and companion dryer

2011:   French door bottom mount refrigerators are added to the Gibson line

2012:    Gibson celebrates its 135th anniversary

2013:      Gibson debuts its high-efficiency top load washers, dryers and laundry center